You'll Die Laughing

Love it. Fear it. Scream in ecstasy. Scream in terror. At Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, science fiction, fantasy, and — mostly — horror flicks tap into the perverse joy of splashing fake blood all over the place. Gross-out/freakout photoplays of many subgenres slash at the screen this year: Japan's Noboru Iguchi brings a revenge fantasy called The Machine Girl, former Alameda boy Kevin Tenney contributes a zombie romp, and Bai Ling hacks her way through the Big Brother dystopia of The Gene Generation. In the Evil Dead II tribute camp, and we do mean camp, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer boasts a therapy-going hunk of a hero and rubbery-looking malignances, not to mention our favorite new tagline, “I used to be a plumber …” Another festival highlight is the production of a companion piece of theater, the satirical Kentucky Jones and the Carpet of Doom, by the Primitive Screwheads June 18-21 at the Brava Theater.

Tonight’s screenings start at 5 and include Alone, Wicked Lake, and The Vanguard at the Roxie New College Film Center, 3117 16th St. (at Valencia), S.F.
June 5-21, 2008

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