You're in It

House is the thing to take your boyfriend to, even if he hates dance performance. He’s certain to say afterward, “It was actually really cool.” And you'll think, “No shit, moron.” Just think how happy you'll both be! We aren't sure the program is named after our favorite TV show, but who cares? Kate Watson-Wallace's climbing-, leaning-, and suspension-based opus is about the rooms we live in and the expectations we have of our own behavior while there. Until a gifted dancemaker points it out to you, for example, you may not have realized that “chair” also means “someone might sit here,” which isn't weird until a man is holding that chair flat against the wall above his head. Maybe you have already pondered the fact that “closet” can also mean “Is someone in there? Is it me?” We had not. The choreographer also has a little Charlie Chaplin in her the work uses movement as a universal language, instead of as a confusing personal statement, as is too common in modern dance. For this performance, Watson-Wallace's dancers take over the entire space in the venue's lobby, bathrooms included, as they and audiences intermingle. The program SCUBA includes House and Karen Sherman's Tiny Town.
June 26-28, 2008

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