Fill More Seats with Connect2Classes

A recent study from San Francisco University demonstrated that people spending money on experiences, not things, found greater happiness and a better use for their money.* More people are investing in classes, from wine-tasting and dance to learn a new skill to professional development to advance their career or network with colleagues in their industry.

The Bay Area is home to professionals in a multitude of disciplines offering expertise to those who are looking for opportunities to learn. We have world-class glass blowers and graphic artists, classically trained dancers and chefs schooled at Le Cordon Bleu. The San Francisco region is so diverse that you learn to bake sourdough bread by day and attend a digital marketing bootcamp at night; the possibilities are endless!  

With approximately 45% of people pursuing some kind of formal continuing education each year, C2C created one easy-to-use platform,, for course providers to list their classes and connect them to students of all ages and interests.

Carol Dearth, owner of Sizzleworks Cooking School, has been thrilled with the results she has seen since listing her workshops with Connect2Classes. “I have been registering students through Connect2Classes since their inception in the Seattle area,’” says Chef Carol. “Their marketing efforts here have been superb, and my business has been exposed to a large number of potential students that we would not have otherwise reached. With the increased exposure, we have increased enrollment!”

At SF Weekly and San Francisco Examiner, we are committed to supporting growing businesses that are making a difference in our community through avenues like education. Our new partnership with Connect2Classes is a natural fit because the online class marketplace empowers learners to enrich their skills for personal and career growth.

We are happy to announce that our websites will include a link to Connect2Classes so that students of all ages can find and register in classes on one easy-to-use platform. We will be publishing stories about new and exciting classes, workshops and bootcamps in our papers in the upcoming months.  

“Connect2Classes is a community-minded business, focused on education,” says Glenn Zuehls, Publisher of the San Francisco Examiner and SF Weekly. “With the strength of our community media outlets we can widen the reach to connect learners with a broad network of trusted class providers.”

“Class Providers in Seattle have found that we increase their reach and bring new students to their classes with no additional effort on their part. ” adds Dallas Jasper, CEO of Connect2Classes. “We’ve learned that people find classes they need, but also take classes they never expected, just because they were able to browse through so many topics in one place.”  

Become part of our marketplace and list your classes at:  


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