A Valentine’s Day Tarot Reading

Is love in the cards for you?

Us amateur tarot readers wanted to give our SF Weekly audience a little surprise this Valentine’s Day with a reading! As with any reading, only take what you feel like will add to your life. Nothing is ever set in stone, and you always have free will. We’re using your rising sign to pick your cards. (Check cafeastrology.com to find out what’s yours.)

Seven of Cups

Is your heart feeling a little overwhelmed right now? The Seven of Cups usually indicates a bounty of options and indecision, and with Venus in your sign this Valentine’s Day, that might mean you’re caught in a love triangle, square, pentagon, etc… or your social circle or romantic life is thriving right now with this beautiful transit in your chart. It sounds kind of cheesy to say, “follow your heart,” but please do, with caution. It’s cool to be a socially distanced butterfly! 

Knight of Pentacles

Stability is on your mind, dear Pisces. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the hardworking and responsible Knight of Pentacles is riding towards you in this time of security. That knight might come to you in the form of a caring and loyal partner, or perhaps, it’s a signal for you to focus on bettering your own mental health, so when love comes, you’ll be ready to receive it.

Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands moves fast, and you may too, Aries. In the next few weeks, you might feel like things are moving at lightspeed, with a flurry of new friends, relationships and beginnings coming your way! It’s an exciting time — just be sure to be safe while you’re having fun. Mask up!

The Hierophant

This card is all about tradition. If you’ve got a long-term partner, that might mean the relationship is ready for the next step, a new chapter, or a significant change aligning with both of your values. Vague, yes, I know, but approach your relationships honestly and with good intentions, you can handle whatever kind of growth comes next. 


Justice is all about their namesake. This reading is pretty straightforward: Honesty is the best policy. Work on that open communication if you’re in a relationship that seems to lack it. (Open communication, by the way, is not an excuse to be a jerk.)


This is a beautiful card, almost as good as getting “The Lovers.” Every relationship needs balance, and that’s exactly what Temperance is signalling: You’ve found something healthy and loving. Even if you’re single, take stock of what areas in your life might need more balance — it’s an important step in self-care.

Five of Wands

Everyone is battling in this card — does that mean there are any conflicts headed your way? Don’t be scared of the potential doom and gloom of the Five of Wands. This could simply mean a dissonance in perspectives between you and your partner, which is not always the end of the world.

The World

You deserve the whole world, Virgo, and it looks like the cards think the same. A wreath encircles this card, symbolizing the natural, everflowing cycle of life. This could mean there is much happiness and contentment in your current love life, setting the scene for the next chapter, whenever you’re ready to receive it.

Six of Wands

While Leo is currently in this card’s predecessor, the Six of Wands shows that things really do get better. This card rides forth on a horse with hope. It’s a sign that good times are coming your way. 

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles surrounds herself with thick swaths of roses as she gazes contentedly at a coin in her hands, sitting assuredly atop her throne. Care is the key word with this card — it could manifest as a nurturing relationship, or it could be a sign of a stable love to come.

Six of Swords

In the Six of Swords, a cloaked figure sits with their back faced towards you. They’re on a boat stabbed with swords, but despite the damage, they’re still not yet sinking. Have you been through a lot, recently, Sagittarius? It’s time to start the healing process from past hurts.

The Hermit

The Hermit seeks knowledge alone, and for good reason: Sometimes it’s okay to do your own thing, if you feel like it will be rejuvenative. If you’re single, this could help you set up the foundations for a stronger relationship in the future. If you’re dating, that doesn’t mean you have to break up with anyone. Just take some time to reflect, and figure out what you need to feel whole.

Resources used: The Modern Witch Instructional Guide, Labrinthos, The Tarot Guide, and Biddy Tarot.

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