A Wrinkle In Time at Fifty: Still an Inspiration

I don't remember who exactly introduced me to Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time, though it was likely a friend or even the school's librarian–our fifth grade teachers seemed as reluctant to recommend to girls books about time travel as they were to suggest the boys read The Babysitters Club. When I did read the book, I read it in two days.

When Meg's adventure began, her self-realizations became my own. She learned that her constant comparison to others (her classmates, even her beautiful mother) concealed her own uniqueness–an unmatchable courage, or example. Meg's courage led to action, and through a stand-off with the villainous IT, Meg discovered a tremendous capacity to love.

Most exciting of all, Meg developed a taste and talent for adventure, and to me, a girl who hadn't exactly been encouraged to read about such things, Meg's travel to exciting worlds and encounters with strange people were revelatory. What places and people existed that I didn't know about?

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