Act Like a Big Kid on Saturday — Whack Someone with a Cardboard Tube

And lo there comes a day in each childhood when a weapon shall reveal itself, and a child shall seize that weapon, and that child shall proceed to thwack the living shit out of all others, until such time as that weapon — the cardboard tube from a roll of giftwrap — either peels apart or is seized by a parent. Likewise, it is written that, long after previous generations have set aside childish things, those of youthful heart shall at summer's end take up again the armaments of their youth, and again shall they thwack each other, this time with tournament rules, and referees, and cardboard swords called sabers and claymores, and all throughout the kingdom of Saint Francis the people will know this to be awesome. Awesome is what we're hoping for Saturday when the warriors (including you, if you want) take the field for a free tournament of gallant whackery in the Cardboard Tube Duel and Costume Contest at Hayes Valley Farm.

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