Amanda Palmer Thanks Fans with Intimate Show, Pop-Up Art Exhibit

What's it like to party with a freshly minted millionaire? You'd expect caviar maybe, champagne at the very least. Some sign of their newly extravagant lifestyle, surely. But Amanda Palmer, a musician who recently raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter to fund her forthcoming album, seems not to have changed much over the last 10 years. She's still got the reddish crop of messy hair and the distinctively husky voice. If anything, she's relaxed. She's abandoned the more extravagant costumes and makeup that were her signature look when she fronted her former band, The Dresden Dolls.

Last night, she hosted a private party and gallery exhibition at Public Works to honor some of her higher-level Kickstarter donors. If not for the artwork hanging in the next room, Palmer's acoustic, flashlight-lit performance may well have been an intimate house show at a crusty Oakland squat. The small audience of roughly 200, Palmer's friendly banter with them, and her decision to sit on the floor with her fans during her performance rather than on stage made the whole affair feel very down-to-earth.

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