Amy Sedaris on Cheeseballs, Cupcakes, and Couture Cat Cosies

Amy Sedaris will celebrate the paperback release of her book

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People at the Roxie on December 4 with a special evening of crafting and taking questions from the audience, followed by a libation-and-snack-assisted reception and sale of books and her personally crafted items. The $100 ticket price benefits the non-profit theater.

We spoke with the Strangers with Candy star and playwright via phone from New York about crafting, cheeseballs, and why you'll never accidentally bump into her at one of her movies.

Tell us about this event you're having here in San Francisco; we're excited!

Me, too. I never do things like this! I mean, an hour to fill by myself; it'll be fun.

Will there be a crafting component?

I thought I'd talk about my craft book — it just came out in paperback, and the funny thing is that I keep forgetting it came out in paperback. I've been doing a lot of press for Puss In Boots, and I keep forgetting to mention the book. Usually I do a Q&A when I talk about the book, but no one ever really asks me specific questions about specific pictures. So I think I'm going to go through the book and talk about different photo shoots that we did, behind the scenes. I'll do a craft, and then I'm going to show my craft videos that I put on YouTube myself, and then I'm just going to do some questions and answers.

I wonder if it might end up functioning as a bit of a support group for some of us?

Uh-oh! Go on, what?

Sometimes it's hard to be super-public with one's crafting. There is a lot of discrimination out there toward crafters. Do you ever feel that?

The truth is that the crafting community has accepted me because I think I've brought some awareness to crafting, but I'm not really that good at it. I think I have really good ideas of what I want, and I'm really good at bringing people who can make it happen. But I'm not the kind of person that will spend eight hours doing seed art, you know?

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