Anna Deavere Smith, Star of Stage and Screen, Offers a Workshop to Free Your Imagination

“If I asked you to tell in 10 words what your story was, you'd pick the most crucial thing,” says acting teacher Anna Deavere Smith. “Then let's say 'father' was one of those words, and a jazz musician asked you to riff on that story. In that transformation, 'father' might open up. My theory is if you open that up, it opens you up to have better relationships. My goal is not to do more navel gazing — it's to be more interactive in a world of interactivity.”

Smith, who has been teaching at various schools, including Stanford, Yale and New York University, wants to bring these classroom activities to a wider audience. So she's doing a workshop (Personal Narratives: Global Identities), billed as a shower for the soul (and whose soul isn't a little smudgy?) at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

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