Annie Sprinkle Talks About Halloween, Hookers, and Reviving an S.F. Tradition

Annie Sprinkle has made a life of exposing herself — literally and figuratively — for three decades. She is a filmmaker, performer, writer, activist, porn actress, and former prostitute. Most recently, Sprinkle and her wife, Beth Stephens, are behind a movement they call ecosexuality, which essentially views the Earth as a gigantic lover to be engaged and respected, rather than a storehouse of materials to be consumed.

This weekend Sprinkle returns to one of her origins at a Halloween-themed party called Masquerotica, a staggering mix of acts and efforts from sex-positive, performance, and musical communities. Sprinkle will be joined by Margo St. James and Carol Queen at the Hookers Ball Brothello, where the three will pay homage to the raucous galas in San Francisco and New York where prostitutes and their fans could out themselves and celebrate the oldest profession.

Sprinkle recently spoke with SF Weekly about the Hookers Ball, Halloween, and other rituals.

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