Appearing at Litquake Starting this Weekend: Practically Everyone

During the run of Litquake, there's sometimes a tendency (never by us!) to be timid in the early offerings, babying the reserves of literary interest for the madness of the fest's closing night, Lit Crawl. Here's a tip: Fear Lit Crawl. You should go, of course, because Lit Crawl is an alternate universe in which writers are treated like rock stars by everybody in the city. But understand that you will be jostled and confused and spun around, and much of the literature will occur on the other side of a tall man's shoulder, sometimes with you standing on the sidewalk, hearing nothing but traffic and seeing nothing but cable knit. During Litquake's run, however, you can stroll into many of the more than 100 events like royalty, especially those that offer the miracle of advance ticketing.

But don't get cocky.

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