Art Colonist: 10 Year Anniversary of White Walls

In 2003, Justin Giarla took a chance on a rough part of the Tenderloin — Larkin near Geary — and opened an art gallery that specialized in street art and other contemporary work. Amid the drug dealers and other neighborhood denizens, the Shooting Gallery thrived, showcasing artists who've become well-known in everything from political campaigns (Shepard Fairey) to the world of tattoos (Shawn Barber). Giarla eventually opened two more galleries on the same block — White Walls and 941Geary — but he's now consolidated his galleries into a single, nearby building at 886 Geary. Besides a sunnier location on the northern side of the block, it's a gigantic space — 5,000 square feet, with side-rooms that are essentially mini-galleries. The new space is holding a White Walls 10 Year Anniversary Show that surveys artists Giarla has worked with and artists who are new to Giarla's orbit.

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