Mural Urges People To ‘Shoot Cops’ (With A Camera)

The work of ‘guerilla’ street art was installed on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley.

Activist artist group Indecline installed a mural emblazoned with the words “Shoot Cops” on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. By “shoot,” it’s clear that Indecline wants viewers to photograph and take video of law enforcement; The mural features a DSLR camera with a sniper’s sight in its lens. 

“Many a battle is won simply by exposure, especially battles against an unjust system,” Indecline wrote in a press release. In 2020, as institutionalized racism continues to manifest in the form of police brutality, social media may be one of the most powerful tools Americans have for keeping police accountable.

With their mural, Indecline reminds passersby of the potential of any recording device — whether it be a smartphone or a professional camera — to capture discriminatory events as they happen.

“Shoot cops,” the press release read. “Don’t let them get away with murder, or they will.”

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