'Artgasm': An Explosion of Female Sexuality — and Motherhood — in Art

Breastmilk and porn? For many, this combination may seem strange or possibly highly offensive. But for Femina Potens, it's just another day at the gallery. Founder Madison Young will hand out ice cream made from her own breastmilk — a treat not for the squeamish, as she also discusses going through a pregnancy while still working in the adult film industry. Both are part of her performance piece Becoming MILF — MILF being an acronym born in adult films that stands for “Mother I'd Like to Fuck.” It's part of the larger series “Artgasm,” which starts today and has its opening reception Friday. “Artgasm” consists of installations, exhibits, and performances including selected visual works from Womb Nostalgia by Rachel Znerold, as well as Afterbirth by Amelia D'Entrone. Other pieces explore desire, postpartum depression, and the ways that sex does not end at motherhood.

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