Astrologer Says Mayor Quan and Occupy Oakland Have Lots in Common, Blog Reports

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and Occupy Oakland share a contentious relationship. And, according to a local astrologer, they share a lot more. First of all, they're both Libras, says Djenne Ba, who assigned an Oct. 10 birth date to Occupy in order to work its astrological chart alongside the mayor's. (Quan's birthday is Oct. 21.) What else? “There is an exact elemental lineup between Quan and Occupy Oakland,” Ba is quoted as saying on Oakland Local. What does that mean? “Both Quan and Occupy charts have four planets in air, three planets in fire, two planets in the earth element and one planet in water,” Ba says. Uh, once more: What does that mean? Well, we're not too sure — we can't make heads or tails of most of the results.

Here are a couple of things we can make out: Because Quan and Occupy are similar entities, “What occurred on Oct. 25 when the police descended onto [Occupy Oakland]'s peaceful encampment did not sit well in Quan's soul.” Yeah, we figured that. Also, the interactions between the mayor and the movement “will follow her career for some time to come and will long be associated with the Occupy movement for unfavorable reasons.” Yeah. Figured that one too. Ba is also quoted as saying “there's no doubt Quan will run for higher office.” Hmm. Might want to see the “unfavorable reasons” item on that one. What about Occupy Oakland? “Spring is really going to tell the future of the movement.” Yep. It says so right here in this star chart.

For the whole description, which was posted on Christmas Day, visit Oakland Local.

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