Attend the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday — and Make a Conservative Angry

Do you enjoy pleasure? Read on: You may not be ready to truss up your balls and ride a lifeguard into the heart of Folsom Street Fair, but that does not leave you out of this deeply and delightfully deviant party. (We've described this gathering as what Newt Gingrich probably thinks of when he hears the words “gay sex.”) Sure, there will be the usual dangling wangs, slapping crops, firm buns, sagging boobs under leather vests, and expert rope-handling. You will see things you never expected to see in your life, and things that have become unexpectedly familiar. For you are a person of the world! There will be three stages for live bands, dance areas with an exhaustive list of DJs, an art show, and plenty of fetish exhibition.

Renowned “gay radical sex photographer” Mark I. Chester and Shilo McCabe co-curated “Fear No Art,” a group show of aesthetically disparate artists working in the erotic and the sexual. Read on for more about the fair and more images from the exhibit.

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