Barbara Bush and Howard Stern Strike a Pose for the Gays — Week in Gay

Want to get some media attention? 

Express a position of support for gay rights. This tactic works particularly well if you are straight and can be very compelling if you are also a politician — or related to one.

In some respects, advocates like these actually are either stating newly discovered positions of support or expounding on a positive, yet dormant, point of view, but they are also acting to save face or counter a reputation of anti-gay (or self-serving) posturing.

Such attempts to get attention could be nothing more than poorly disguised scheming. Accusing newly declared allies of being manipulative is not necessarily kind, but the gays have been to the rodeo many times before so they should exercise extreme caution when being wooed.

Gays should take special care to look into the eyes of their new friend.


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