Bay Area Bookstores Taking Special Orders for Fire and Fury

If you want to read about Michael Wolff's extraordinary access to 45's cognitive decline, you're going to have to get on a wait list.

Demand for Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff’s Trump White House tell-all is so high that bookstores around the country can’t keep it in stock. Washington, D..C.’s Kramerbooks began selling copies this morning at midnight, and sold out within 20 minutes, Business Insider reports. Here in the Bay Area, it’s not that different.

“There hasn’t been anything like this since Harry Potter!” one Ferry Building Book Passage customer exclaimed to employees at the store.

SF Weekly spoke to a manger at Book Passage named Cheryl who said she’s “just taking names and putting them in a folder cause there hasn’t been time,” to get them organized into a proper list. 

Nine people have pre-paid so far, but there are more than 20 who’ve expressed interest, while others keep looking elsewhere. Cheryl calls the situation “delightful, frenzied, and harried.”

“The phone started ringing at 8 a.m. and hasn’t stopped,” she said. “We are going to get shipments all the way through next week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from regional distributor and the publisher. 

At City Lights, staff have been referring people to Alexander Books on Second Street, which is compiling a wait list. Dog-Eared Books was only able to get a limited amount of copies, and a staffer expressed pessimism that they’d have more in the near future.

“Usually, when a book like this far exceeds the demand that were initially distributed, usually it will go out of stock they’ll have to reprint it,” she told SF Weekly, admitting that, “it’s frustrating for customers.”

It’s much the same at Green Apple Books in the Richmond, where a clerk at the front desk told us that the phone’s been ringing all day and the wait-list just keeps growing.

Demand is so nuts that people are starting to fall for silly hoaxes, like this “excerpt” detailing Donald Trump’s obsession with gorillas. It got so crazy that the prankster’s Twitter handle had to change to signal that it was a joke. You can tell that’s #fakenews because according to the movie Congo, gorillas aren’t aggressive. If you want to see some primates go at it, you’re gonna have to call your cable operator and rebundle the ChimpChannel.

But back in San Francisco, people keep clamoring for the real deal.

“We’re taking special orders,” said Ingrid at the Laurel Village location of Books, Inc. “We have 17 copies in stock but they’ve all been special ordered and we’re giving people less time than normal. We’ve sold 27 this morning, and the fact that we even have this many on hand is that we started hearing stuff days ago and got as many as we could. Brisk business.” If people don’t pick them up by tomorrow

Books, Inc. expects more by “Monday, Tuesday at the latest.” 

“The order directly from the publisher has not come yet, they missed it and moved it up” Ingrid told us. “If people don’t pick them up by tomorrow …”

They have one day? That sounded harsh to us.

“Honey!” Ingrid said, “It’s hot, hot, hot!”

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