Betty White's “Tired Blood” and John Wayne's Plea in Incredibly Strange Television

When I got promoted to “person in charge of the categories” at The Video Zone in Fresno in the early 1990s, I went mad with my newfound power and created a new section: Cult. (I'd actually wanted to call it Midnight, but the company that we bought our category stickers from didn't have any that said “Midnight,” so “Cult” it was.) Since we now had a Cult section, I finally had the justification I needed to indulge in my love of compilation tapes, which were basically video mixtapes of old movie trailers and social guidance films and commercials and other ephemera, the kind of thing I'd been introduced to by USA's Night Flight. This was all waaaaaay before YouTube, so compilation tapes were the only way could watch this stuff.

I ordered Sleazemania!, Sleazemania Strikes Back, Sleazemania III: The Good, the Bad and the Sleazy, Rhino's Guide to Safe Sex … y'know, the classics. They had one thing in common: Johnny Legend produced them. Not only is Johnny Legend still at it, he's bringing two new compilation series to the Roxie: Incredibly Strange Television on Monday, August 13 and Tuesday, August 14, and Shock and Noir on Wednesday, August 15.

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