Bicycling Can Be Hell on Wheels — Ask BikeSnobNYC How to Make It Better

San Francisco bicyclists face constant battles. Rain. Hills. Rainy hills. Cars with outraged drivers. Jaywalkers wearing headphones. FiDi workers on cell phones. Agitated skateboarders. Overloaded bike racks. BART at rush hour. Muni, ever. Haight Street when the bars are open. Nineteenth Avenue when anything's open. Impatient and rude fellow bicyclists. Critical Mass. (Oh wait. Same thing.) Add it all up, and the stress seems to offset the benefits. Who'll show us a well-adjusted and tolerant way to navigate the ill-adjusted and intolerant masses? BikeSnobNYC, that's who. He'll be in San Francisco on Saturday at Rapha Cycle Club to lead us out of the darkness.

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