Big Dork Jackie Kashian Got Her Stand-Up Start Heckling Sam Kinison in 1984

Jackie Kashian is a stand-up comedian and dedicated dork. As a comedian, her act is sharp and warm, biting and personable. She talks about her Midwestern upbringing and salesman father; her marriage to a fellow dork and video game designer; and her current life in Los Angeles (a bit about L.A.'s “animal people” is a favorite).

Kashian is also the chief ranger of The Dork Forest, the podcast she hosts that showcases “dork-on-dork dialogue.” Now in its sixth year, the show is one of the most popular and unusual in the infinitely expanding universe of comedian-hosted podcasts. On The Dork Forest, Kashian interviews fellow comedians as well as non-celebrity guests, focusing the conversation around her guests' “dorkdoms” — special obsessions that may or may not fall within the bounds of traditional nerdiness.

Kashian spoke with us last week. She headlines at the Punch Line tonight (Wednesday, March 21) and Thursday, and she will also be the feature act for Eddie Pepitone this Friday and Saturday.

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