Bill Bellamy Makes Women Scream (with Laughter): Ladies' Night Out

“I got nine felonies — bitch, I'm Bill Bellamy!”

The famously esoteric Berkeley rapper Lil B immortalized the comedian Bellamy (who first came to public recognition in the 1990s as an MTV host) with an unlikely song last summer for no other apparent reason than a convenient rhyme. The real Bellamy, for his part, offered himself up to do the remix, but, alas, it never materialized.

Bellamy snatched up his favorite enterprising young comedians that he met from the four seasons he spent hosting the show Who's Got Jokes on TV One for his Ladies' Night Out tour, which stops at Cobb's Comedy Club for three nights starting Friday. A special from the tour called Crazy Sexy Dirty airs on Showtime on June 2.

During a phone interview, the congenial Bellamy politely juggled his responses with exchanging pleasantries with an admiring female fan at a Manhattan Starbucks who sounded like she wanted to attack him (sexually). He promised that, despite the name, the show won't leave men out and, in fact, it might actually be a good place for a guy to meet a new chick.

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