Blogger: “Occupy Fat Street — We Are the 68 Percent”

Golda Poretsky calls herself a “body love coach.” It sounds a lot like a life coach, except her clients are women and men who want to remove themselves from what she calls “the diet roller-coaster” yet maintain their health and learn to love themselves. (She also has a business called Body Love Wellness, a background in nutrition and holistic health, wrote a book called Stop Dieting Now!, and has written for the likes of Late last month Poretsky issued a challenge to progressive politicos such as the Occupy movement to include fat-acceptance in their way of thinking. She came up with a pretty impressive analogy on her blog that highlights the common challenges shared by the Occupy movement and fat activists.

Occupiers, she points out, reject the idea that if you just work hard enough, you can get an education, earn a decent income, buy a house, have a family, and whatever else you might want. Yet things such as discrimination, poverty, vast income disparity, and an economic system rigged to favor the wealthiest insiders stand in the way of these things for 99 percent of us. Poretsky also notes that some people (most of them on the political right) reply by essentially saying “Shut up, hippies! Get a job! If you just worked harder you could be rich like us!”

Then she compares this with society's treatment of fat people.

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