Bloviating Conspirary Theorist Really Hates Drag Queen Story Hour

Alex Jones loses it completely over a Southern California "Drag Queen Story Hour," and his meltdown depicts several S.F. queens.

Alex Jones of Infowars and Prison Planet is a notorious conspiracy theorist from Austin, Tex., who rants about the UN’s Agenda 21 and the New World Order. (“Rant” is something of a weasel word used to delegitimize people who speak about issues you don’t like, but all the shout-y, gravel-voiced Jones ever really does is rant.) He’s amassed a large following over the past 20 years, mostly for outlandish claims about how Sandy Hook was staged or how the government puts chemicals in the water that turn the freakin’ frogs gay. (That whopper got the remix treatment.)

Last year, details of some ugly child custody proceedings with his ex-wife went public, and Jones’ lawyer advanced the argument that he’s not in fact an unstable crazy person, but an actor playing a character. Jones also blamed his poor recall on chili consumption. Whether he’s a true believer or merely an entertainer, his stature has grown over the past few years, as our epistemological emergency has deepened and the idea of truth itself has lost all meaning.

Like most right-wing conspiracy theorists, he’s somewhat obsessed with homosex, and this time, it’s about the Long Beach Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour. (San Francisco’s Public Library hosts drag queen story hours of its own.)

Right-Wing Watch noted Jones “nearly threw his chair across his desk into his camera operators” over the idea that drag queens reading to children was a nefarious plot to “sexualize them,” calling out their “space alien” and “demon goblin” costumes.

“It’s a societal wrecking ball designed to destroy any semblance of normalcy,” Jones says, citing a number of animal species to make his point that only male-female sex is nature’s way. (He name-checked otters — which, well, oops.) “They show up and they have their way with your children in demon outfits. … If you’ve got men who look like 400-pound goblin demons with your children, there’s nothing you won’t put up with!”

It focuses on SoCal queen Xochi Mochi, but there’s also a montage of other story hours that includes S.F.’s own Honey Mahogany and a New York Times article that included Lil Miss Hot Mess. And for the record, Snopes notes that no, Xochi Mochi did not read a sexually explicit or demonic book. She read from Todd Parr’s It’s Okay to Be Different.

You really have to watch this 1-minute-and-40-second performance in full. It’s kind of a masterclass in meltdowns.


SF Weekly could not think of a more delightful way to recognize the queens’ good work. Reached for comment, Oakland drag queen and probable shape-shifting space reptilian Sue Veneer said, ” ‘Four hundred-pound space alien demon’ is my aesthetic, actually. Big shout-out to the Drag Queen Story Hour folks for the wonderfulness they promote in the world, and for incidentally helping this backwards fuck inch that much closer to his inevitable stroke.”

For their part, the children appear to have had fun.

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