Bobcat Goldthwait, Seeking Vengeance on Reality TV, Returns to San Francisco

“When I left San Francisco is when stand-up started to feel like work,” says Bobcat Goldthwait. Before the Hollywood comedian was a household name, he molded his brash, nonsequitur'd comedy persona in the 1980s at comedy incubators such as the Other Cafe, Wolfgang's, and Cobb's. The latter is where he met future friend and collaborator Robin Williams, whom he most recently directed in 2009's World's Greatest Dad.

Goldthwait's latest written and directed feature film, God Bless America, is a murderous send-up of reality television. As that readies for theatrical release (it's now available via video on demand), he's giving stand-up comedy some fresh enthusiasm. He'll appear at Tommy T's Showroom for three nights starting Thursday.

We spoke with Goldthwait about how living and working in San Francisco affected his comedic outlook, what he'd like to do to MTV, and learned the name of the one crappy reality show he still allows himself as a guilty pleasure.

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