Bored in Chinatown? Go on a Cat or Ghost Tour

We've all seen the (Japanese) “Beckoning Cat” Maneki-neko that has a popular presence in Chinese businesses, but have you also noticed the prevalence of real cats straight chillin' at every dim sum joint and non-touristy dive bar in Chinatown? The last time I met one of these elusive kitties, I asked the owner if she was his, only to find out that most of these eerily all-knowing felines are neighborhood pets and strays that restaurant owners don't mind keeping around. But everyone loves kitties, don't they? I'm certainly not the only one who's friends with C.A.A. (Cat Addicts Anony-mouse) on Facebook. And yet no other neighborhood consistently offers me the company of a cat. Why are the alleyways and bun bakeries in Chinatown so willing to let our furry friends hang around?

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