Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 11: Immune to Good Advice

If the writers of Breaking Bad were aiming to set a chilling tone with “Confessions,” there's really no better way than opening up with Todd. Todd, with his aw-shucks mercenary schtick, leaves Walt an exceedingly polite voicemail in which he refers slaughtering Declan as a “change in management.” I think Todd sincerely believes this. Instead of trying to mentally abuse Jesse into believing his lies, Walt should just let Todd fill that role. Sometimes it's okay to go for the easy lay, Walt.

When Todd tells his neo-Nazi mentors about the methylamine train heist, it's like he's waxing nostalgic about scoring a winning touchdown. “We totally pulled it off! And then I shot a child.” The Nazis dig it and ask him if he's ready for the next step. How can their actions possibly get any worse? Because this series loves foreboding, we see the men using the restroom, one combing his moustache while the other casually wipes blood off of his Southwestern Nazi boots before neatly flushing the bloody paper down the toilet. These men have a nonchalance that's downright frightening, perhaps even frightening enough to be the ones who eventually send Heisenberg running. While Walt has mastered the art of manipulation, sometimes that just ain't enough when you're up against some batshit white supremacists.

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