Brian Copeland Stares Down Suicide in The Waiting Period

In his solo show at the Marsh Theater, Not a Genuine Black Man, Brian Copeland told the story of moving with his African American family in the 1970s to San Leandro, named one of the most racist suburbs in the United States. Not a Genuine Black Man had a seven-year run at the Marsh, the longest running solo show in San Francisco.

Now Copeland, a writer and comedian, who has a show on KGO radio and hosts a TV show on ABC in San Francisco, returns to the Marsh with The Waiting Period, about a subject he touched on in Not a Genuine Black Man — suicidal depression. The show is a look at a 10-day period in his life, the time required by state law, before he could get his hands on the gun he'd bought to end his own life.

Copeland sat down with us to talk about ending the stigma about depression, copying Norman Lear, and using humor to talk about serious subjects.

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