Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2018 Was Fast and Furious

Pics and video from the 18th annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel extravaganza Sunday in Potrero Hill.

Easter is a high holiday for low riders in San Francisco, as tricycle-riding daredevils turned out in force for the annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race in Potrero Hill. SF Weekly was on hand to get pictures and video of all the thrills, chills, and “agony of defeat”-style wipeouts of the 18th annual iteration of this event.

The official start of the racing is seen in the video above, as competitors rolled out their Big Wheels big time on San Francisco’s real crookedest thoroughfare, the stretch of Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd streets.

Even though the Hunky Jesus Contest was taking place across town, one Jesus did rise to the occasion at Bring Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW).

The event drew nearly 2,000 people, many in bunny attire, onesies, and various other ridiculous costume apparel. While BYOBW is an extremely whimsical event, it requires significant planning and safety measures on the part of the organizers.

“It’s six to eight months worth of planning,” Bring Your Own Big Wheel co-founder Frog tells SF Weekly. “We have to put in for two different city permits for the park usage and the street closure. We have to pay for porta-potties, insurance, we have to pay for SFPD as well as Rec and Park officers, and various other sundries to make it happen. It’s about nine grand altogether.”

To that end, they do ask that you contribute on the Bring Your Own Big Wheel donation page, as this event remains free and 100-percent donation-based.

The race is not exclusive to Big Wheels, as racers are encouraged to create their own individual jalopies. Many of these fall apart instantly once they hit the actual track.

As is the custom, the first hour of the event was ‘kids only’ racing. Though many of the tykes rolled with, erm, adult supervision.

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