Canine Costume Contest: Bulldog and “Donkey” Take the Whole Enchihuahua

What is more adorable than dogs dressed as unicorns and sheep? Nothing. If all dogs go to heaven, sign us up because puppies with wings might be the cutest thing we will ever see.

Over the weekend, dozens of San Francisco dogs and their owners entered an annual competition in Dolores Park that's also a fundraiser for organizations including the SF SPCA. This event is the Best in Show for the party dog, where dogs drool over prizes like a two-night stay at the most chic doggie accommodation, Wags Hotel, where heads and tails rank the best.

So how does a pup take the Whole Enchihuahua? Judges looked for personality, flair, and swagger among other qualities in a costume. There were only a few winners, but we have an opinion of best costumed canine — a dog impersonating Carmen Miranda walking down a doggie runway is an image we will never forget.

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