Centaur Director J.P. Allen Stays True to His Main Character and Makes the Film Alone

J.P. Allen is about as close to a true film auteur as you'll see. Over the course of a year, Allen directed and filmed his “indie-noir” feature Centaur alone. The film is structured as a video diary of a man seeking vengeance for the death of a loved one. It opens Friday (March 23) for a short run at the Lumiere Theatre.

We talked with Allen recently about making a film largely without a cast and crew.

Why did you make the film in this way?

Centaur came from a very personal experience. I had lost someone who was very important to me in a similar way as the main character. It stayed with me, and I thought about the idea and how it could be translated into a screenplay. I sat down and wrote it in just 33 days, the exact amount of time that elapses in the film. It was on purpose. When I'm working on features I try to find a way that makes it as honest as possible. I want to do this exactly how that character would do it from the very start. After I finished the writing portion, it just seemed like we had to make the film in the exact way the character would.

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