Cool Photo-Weather Map: It's Always Sunny in San Francisco

We love a good map of San Francisco, and the one we came across on Reddit this morning is definitely worth checking out. The It's Always Sunny in San Francisco map shares the latest Instagram photos from San Francisco's various neighborhoods — click on West Portal/Twin Peaks and see awesome photos from the top of Mt. Davidson Park, then scroll over to the Presidio and check out the recent photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

[jump] While it's fun scrolling through the recent Instagram pictures, the reason behind this map has to do with Karl the Fog and his other weather friends. According to the site's about page, the map creator (Reddit user joosecrew) notes many apps claim to have accurate microclimate readings, but this is not always the case; however, photos don't lie:

“One Saturday morning, my roommates and I gazed out the window of our Sunset district home, and all we saw was fog. It looked cold. We had planned to go hang out in a park if it was a nice day. But was it sunny elsewhere in the city? There are sites that claim to give a weather report for the varied microclimates of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, but I’ve never found them to be accurate. Lazily, in an instinctual reach for my phone, I checked Instagram. There, in a friend’s photo posted minutes before, was the answer I sought – The Mission IS SUNNY.”

So if you're trying to find a spot in the City that Karl is not currently devouring, then this map may be worth bookmarking (but take note, not everyone uploads Instagram photos the second after they snap the shot, so you may be looking at a photo from earlier, or, perhaps, yesterday). If anything, it's fun to poke around their outdoor event calendar and check out what photos pop up of your neighborhood.

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