“Cupcake Lady” Brings Sweets — and Hope — to Sex Workers in S.F. Strip Clubs

North Beach is where most of San Francisco's strip clubs are located. Once darkness has taken over the city, the neon lights for the nudie bars begin to glow brightly. Barkers in the doorways try to lure men with remarks like, “We have the apples! You bring the snakes!”

When I learned about a nonprofit group that visits strip clubs once a week to drop off cupcakes, I had to know why. “The cupcake lady,” as many refer to her, is Laura Lasky. Lasky founded Solace SF in 2008. She understands the plight of the sex worker better than most, because she is a former sex worker herself. One of the most difficult things sex workers face is isolation.

“When you do something for a living that is controversial, frowned upon, and in certain situations illegal, seeking help is not easy,” says Lasky.

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