Cutting Ball's Lady Grey (in ever lower light): Short Plays by Will Eno Worth Seeing

When you write theater about theater, it's tough to achieve anything beyond hyper-clever self-awareness. The remarkable thing about Lady Grey (in ever lower light), a collection of short pieces by Brooklyn-based playwright Will Eno, is that it's not just clever. It's actually quite moving. The show opens with the title piece, a transfixing monologue delivered by Danielle O'Hare. The monologue establishes the tone and the theme for the whole evening — namely, Eno's wry interrogation of the meaning of theatrical representation. That sounds awfully self-important, but the playwright's penetrating wit downplays his grander thematic gestures. O'Hare, working under the direction of Rob Melrose, finds exactly the right pitch — a delicate balance of approachability and irony.

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