Daily Holidays: February's Quirky National Observance Days to Celebrate

There is an obscure holiday to celebrate every day this month; and in honor of these diverse, festive days, SF Weekly has highlighted eight February holidays that warrant public observance because of their odd-ball and/or original nature. Here are our picks (we swear these aren't made up):

[jump] February 9: National Read in the Bath Tub Day

Today is the day to treat yourself to a warm bath and a good book. We suggest fixing up some bubbles and putting on some Michael Bublé. Then you'd have a Bublé bath.

February 10: Umbrella Day

You can stand under our umbrella, ella, ella, on this day. 

February 13: Get a Different Name Day

Why not? Now's your chance to try that new porn name or let your alter ego come out. Be preparred for plenty of Sasha Fierces out and about.

February 14: National Organ Donor Day 

Valentine's is a day where lovebirds give their hearts to their one and only, yet we should also commerate those of give up all of themselves, literally, to help save lives.

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

This should be a part of daily life but, hey, might as well get started today.

February 21: International Mother Language Day

Today marks the day to honor your native tongue by speaking it in public. La lengua original de este autor es el idioma del amor y de Dios.

February 26: National Pistachio Day

What a nutty holiday! 

February 28: Public Sleeping Day

Don't let this day be a total snooze, let yourself have a nap in the middle of the day. You deserve it.

Happy celebrating!

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