Dan Malloy Relaxes Travel to Heighten Experiences in Documentary, Slow is Fast

As a professional surfer, a huge part of Dan Malloy's job is to travel the world. He chases the swells, finds the perfect waves, and tricks off them. The whole experience is filmed and photographed to be published in a magazine or documentary of course. He makes memories.

However, many of Malloy's trips were rushed, and the shoots were forced. Malloy decided, that if he really wanted to capture amazing moments, if he wanted it to be organic, he had to slow down — and not just for the sake of making great pictures.

“I know that when you slow down, that's when you really learn. I feel like it's fast paced these days and it drives me a little crazy,” Malloy says. That's when Malloy came up with the idea of going on a slow paced trip: One he could take the time to absorb his environment and make memories he will never forget.

In September 2012, Malloy embarked on a 700-mile journey down the coast of California with photographer Kanoa Zimmerman and filmmaker Kellen Keene. Malloy and company controlled their trip completely: They traveled by bike, which added limitations to their travel and forced quick decision making. All they took with them was one surfboard, a few cameras, a bag of film, swim gear, and a two-man tent, and they recorded the whole adventure.

Slow is Fast, the 112-page book and 30-minute film of the trip was originally published by Malloy in March 2013. The self-produced book/dvd sold 3,000 copies, and now Patagonia is re-releasing Slow is Fast March 15, and it will be available at Patagonia stores and on Amazon.com for $30. Malloy and the crew will tour Patagonia stores for special screenings of the film in April (dates are TBD).

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