Dan Savage to Appear Friday at SF State to Discuss New Book, It Gets Better

Love him or hate him, advice columnist Dan Savage has spent his career fighting hatred and violence against queers as well as anyone else who runs afoul of the far right wing's sexual code of conduct (which is pretty much everyone). For nearly a decade, he opened his column with the greeting, “Hey, Faggot!” – to reclaim and disarm a hateful word (see also: Queer Nation, Dyke March, Perverts Put Out). His latest effort against homophobia is a book he and his husband Terry Miller edited called It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living. It's based on the video series It Gets Better, in which queer people (some famous, some not) tell inspirational stories about surviving bullying and building well-adjusted and successful lives. Savage and Miller will be at San Francisco State on Friday to talk about it.

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