Demetri Martin Is a Comedian. This Is a Book. See Them Both on Thursday at Books Inc.

If comedian Demetri Martin's career were dropped into one of his trademark charts (several of which you can see in the clip above), one slice would be “Comedy Central star,” one slice would be “law school dropout,” one slice would be “Daily Show correspondent,” and a tiny sliver, really just a line, would be “masturbation.” That's our impression of a joke by Martin, who appears Thursday at Books Inc. Opera Plaza. If you like, change “masturbation” to “hair” — his hair is the stuff of Pantene commercials. He usually goes for Bieber-like bangs, but in the promo for his book tour (make This Is a Book another slice on the chart), they form a wall over his eyes, resurrecting New York club kids MisShapes, which is surely ironic.

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