Didn’t Like Your Holiday Gifts? You’re Not Alone.

$9.5 billion (yes, you read that number right) is spent on gifts that recipients hate each year.

If you opened cat jigsaw puzzles, wool socks or gift cards to places you never shop this holiday, you may feel guilty about not enjoying what someone else thoughtfully gifted you this season. The good news: you’re not alone.

According to a survey of 2,005 American adults by Finder.com, 54 percent of Americans don’t like at least one gift they receive for Christmas every year.

If you want to get really depressing about it, this year Americans are expected to have wasted on average $71 in unwanted gifts, totaling $9.5 billion.

As for what happens to these unwanted gifts: survey results state 39 percent of people keep these gifts anyway, 26 percent exchange them, 20 percent give them to someone else, three percent donate their unwanted gifts to charity, and one percent throw them away.

We’re big fans of recycling here at SF Weekly, so if you got presents you didn’t want this holiday, considering donating them to a shelter, selling them at a consignment shop, dropping them off at a Goodwill, or re-gifting them to someone who will appreciate their quirks…like cat puzzle lovers.

And if you’re worried you gave an unwanted gift, well, it happens. Next year consider just asking what someone wants, no shame.

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