Disney's War on Fat Kids: Why Is It Trying to Be the Hateiest and Unhealthiest Place on Earth?

Visitors to the Habit Heroes exhibit at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center walk into Will Powers Gym, where they respond to a Snack Attack (“It's food fight time!”) by shooting broccoli at sugary foods and doing high kicks to force a fat, lazy, gluttonous villain named Lead Bottom to exercise. (If I weren't a disciplined, veggie-eating exercise lover, I'd make a great Disney villain.)

We need Disney's interactive “innovention” to spread this message? How many times a day do we already see fat villains? (Because only someone truly evil could enjoy life as a fat person or be such a lazy glutton? And all fatties eat all the time, dontcha know?)

“How else will we make people understand that if you are fat, you are not welcome at the 'happiest place on Earth?'” asks Deb Lemire, president of the professional organization for Health At Every Size, with the appropriate sarcasm.

Disney's anti-childhood-“obesity” exhibit, created in partnership with Florida Blue and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, opened briefly last month before closing indefinitely for “retooling,” amid all sorts of well-earned criticism for stereotyping and stigmatizing. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, a 40-year-old civil rights group, rightly suspects that any new version will be just as prejudicial and invites people to sign its petition.

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