Don't Be Afraid to Love the Golden Gate Bridge — It's Just That Beautiful

On May 27, the Golden Gate Bridge turns 75. If you were one of the 300,000 who walked across the bridge when it turned 50, you remember the unsettling sway, and the later reports that the convex profile of the bridge had been flattened by our collective weight. And you remember that it didn't matter. Euphoria was high. Dianne Feinstein (who was mayor at the time) tossed the $800 Fedora of Willie Brown (who was speaker of the Assembly) into the sea like a Frisbee. Half a million people pushed together on the waterfront to see the bridge turned into a golden waterfall; even with advances in pyrotechnics, few fireworks displays have been as lovely. Why? Because the bridge is gorgeous.

That's the only reason an art exhibit titled “Artistic Visions of the Golden Gate Bridge” could be anything but cheesy crafts-fair death. That is the title of the exhibit at George Krevsky Gallery — the show opened just this week and is one of 75 tributes to the bridge — and it's in good hands. (Remember this is the same gallery that brought us “The Art of Baseball,” which was far more than just a rah-rah for the hometown nine.)

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