Donut Mess with Crazy: San Jose Donut Shop Featured in Mental Health Documentary

In 2009 Psycho Donuts was at the center of a controversy around the fact that, well, it runs a donut shop featuring donuts named after mental illnesses, servers styled as asylum nurses, and a padded cell. So it's not a surprise that there were protests staged by community mental health groups, forcing the owner to meet with the community and resolve some of the issues around this perceived insensitivity.

Now in a cinnamon twist of fate, Psycho Donuts is being featured in the full-length documentary film Of Two Minds, premiering Saturday at the Roxie Theater as part of the United Film Festival (see also our preview of the 2,000-mile bike tour documentary, We're Getting On). From the creative team behind Wordplay, IOUSA, Superheroes and These Amazing Shadows, Of Two Minds follows three primary characters over three years, following their lives as they live with bipolar disorder. 

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