Dr. Zebrovski, a Deranged Psychic in a Zebra Onesie, Debuts at Oasis

A demented late-night TV psychic from somewhere in the 13th Dimension by way of the former Soviet Union, Dr. Zebrovski has been known to perform exorcisms while shaking his tailfeathers in that signature zebra-print Snuggie.

Not having yet lost his license to practice in spite of shameless hucksterism and a tendency to dispatch his minions to perform sexual acts on blow-up dolls, Zebrovski is returning to San Francisco Friday, April 17, for “Dr. Zebrovski’s Public Prophecy,” at Oasis. As conceived by drag performer Kevin Seaman (whose other characters include LOL McFiercen), Dr. Zebrovski has evolved over the past several years. While not quite a drag show, this particular strain of “complete ridiculousness” has grown more explicitly theatrical.

“There is drag influence, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a drag performance,” Seaman told SF Weekly. “We’re doing a séance that turns into a drag number and I have done that as LOL before.”

Like many absurdist experiences, this one can be challenging to explain to the uninitiated, but Dr. Zebrovski could be considered the love child of Miss Cleo, Richard Simmons and Pee Wee Herman.

Theater-goers can expect a “pretty quick pace,” Seaman explained. “It’s an hour-long cabaret with short segments that explore magic and money. We’re riding the line between what’s real and what’s not…. We do have some scripted things, but also things that are going to be completely improvised.”

Joining Seaman are his husband, musician Derek Schmidt, who will be performing a song from his Major Arcana project about the Tarot deck, and erudite drag superstar Lil Mis Hot Mess.

After several shows at the Garage and CounterPULSE, Seaman is particularly excited to be performing at Oasis: “We want a cabaret, we want people to have drinks during the show. We’re exploring the line between traditional theater and nightlife.”

And all because he got a Snuggie for Christmas one year and wouldn’t take it off for days.

Dr. Zebrovski’s Public Prophecy, Friday, April 17, 7 p.m., at Oasis, 298 11th St.

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