Eagle Tavern Closing Means S.F. Will Lose More than a Gay Bar

The Eagle Tavern is going away. This means a lot more to San Francisco than losing a gay bar. For years the Eagle has served as an unofficial cultural center for queers, people into BDSM, and other outliers. It was known as a gay, leather, and biker bar, but its clientele was manifold. One poster on Yelp reports: “This place is also very woman friendly, so it's one of the few gay bars in SF where both men women, gay and straight, hang, and get along , and are not isolated from one another.”

Its Sunday Beer Bust was legendary as a place people could go for some bawdy daytime fun while also giving money to a good cause. The Beer Bust has served as a fundraiser for numerous organizations, including Community Housing Partnership, Dykes on Bikes, and the Exiles. A random web search shows that the San Francisco Gay Softball League has a fundraiser scheduled there for May 1 — which is, sadly, a day too late, because the Eagle is scheduled to shut down on April 30.

Apparently the owner of the building wants to open his own bar, and has refused to renew the lease of the Eagle's owners. A Facebook page has been set up in an attempt to stop the tavern from closing.

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