Eco-Friendly Sex Toys from Good Vibrations Ecorotic: How to Please Al and Tipper at Once

Yes, you bring your own bag to the grocery store, eat organic, and turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

But are you being eco-conscious when you shop for new sex toys?

Good Vibrations is debuting an eco-friendly rating system for, yes, vibrators and all other sexy things. Its Ecorotic rating system, shown both on its website and in stores, guides shoppers to environmentally friendly choices that can reduce consumer impact on the Earth.

The rating system gives thumbs up to products that are rechargeable (fewer batteries made and dropped in landfills), in recyclable packaging, made in the US (reduced carbon footprint from shipping), made of body-safe materials, free of animal products, and made of natural materials.

Not all of Good Vibrations products are so eco-friendly, since the store also tries to cater to a diverse range of budgets (and even an eco-hostile vibrator isn't cheap). But the idea is to make it easier for consumers to navigate the wide range of products if they have the environment in mind, says publicity manager Camilla Lombard.

And what better way to save the wetlands than by keeping our own wetlands happy?

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