Erotica 2000: The Future of Sex Involved Bungees, and was Very, Very Silly

When The Lawnmower Man was released on VHS in 1993, the company sent out shiny promotional key-fobs to video stores. On one side was a still from the then-amazing computer-sex scene in the movie … … and this was on the other side: Oooh! Sex in 2000 was going to be all cyber and stuff, whatever that meant! I'm telling you, that set a high bar for the millennium, particularly when you lived in Fresno and hadn't used a computer for a couple years, 2000 still sounded impossibly far away and futuristic — indeed, The Lawnmower Man was set in 1992, but this goes to show the great things we expected in 2000.

But what was sex like in 2000, you may now ask? Yeah, I don't remember, either. Thankfully, someone went to the Erotica 2000 convention — held on January 7 of that very year in San Francisco — and they brought their camera. So let's find out.

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