Fashion at the Goat's Anus: “Take Root” at the Luggage Store

By Michelle Tea

“Take Root” at the Luggage Store Annex (thru June 26) is a celebration of a
deliberately trash-picked and treasure-hunted aesthetic of queer resistance;
anti-capitalist and pro-scavenging. While the art functions as metaphors for
cast-away people building communities out of the flotsam and jetsam of the
end times, the work itself is created from found objects, tender bits of
garbage lovingly repurposed as things of beauty. One piece, the Free Altar,
encourages the viewer to dumpster dive it — help yourself to a busted
trinket, an active embodiment of the values the show is demonstrating. And
then there is the scapegoat, where gallery-goers are encouraged to scribble
an anonymous transgression onto a slip of paper and insert it in the beast's
anus. Which felt lovely, all padded and plush.

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