Winter Arts Guide 2017

Don't let the season kill your social life.

Right now, it might be cold, rainy, windy, and muddy outside, but don’t despair! Just because winter is here doesn’t mean your social life has to go into hibernation. There’s actually a ton of so-compelling-you’ll-actually-be-willing-to-leave-the-warm-confines-of-your-house events going on in the next few months. And we’re here to help. 

We’ve compiled a bevvy of dope activities and things to do — from concerts to art openings to plays and movies — so that you aren’t spending every weekend night of the season at home in your pjs with a bottle of wine and Netflix. Not that that’s a bad way to spend your time, but seriously, do you want to miss out on guffawing over Sarah Silverman’s jokes or dancing yourself silly to a Mykki Blanco set? We thought not. 


Winter Arts Guide: Art
From Rodin to the Summer of Love to the Empresses of the Imperial Court — that’s drag, not China — this winter is bursting with exhibits.

Winter Arts Guide: Theater
This season, there’s plenty of duende, Garcia Lorca’s term for art that gives you the chills

Winter Arts Guide: Film
There’s so much more to life than Deadpool getting an Oscar nomination.

Winter Arts Guide: Music
Let’s hear it for PWR BTTM

Winter Arts Guide: Comedy
Now Mary Tyler Moore died? We’re gonna need some laughs.

Winter Arts Guide: Books
It’s a good time to “pre-digital media device and chill.”

Winter Arts Guide: Sexy & Strange
There’s always something weird afoot.

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