Femmepire Records: Bio Queens, Rainbow Tint, and Pretty People on Trampolines

Femmepire records is an interview series on femme identity. Click here for the elevator pitch and first interview.

Here's local comedian Jennifer Dronsky:

In a few words, define femme.

A queer person who appears feminine in some way, wears dresses, makeup, has a feminine demeanor, or to straight people, someone who looks like they're “the chick” in the relationship.

If you don't have a definition, what do you think of Google's: “A lesbian or a male homosexual who takes a traditionally feminine sexual role.”

I think Google is a B-Hole. What does a “traditionally feminine sexual role” mean? Is that when the woman waits until the man has left the room to orgasm/cry? Just because I haven't worn pants since I was 16 and love lace doesn't mean that I am some pillow princess bottom who makes love like Sleeping Beauty in a pink satin room.

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