Femmepire Records: Interview with Kelly

Femmepire Records is a new series of interviews with queer people of the femme(inine) persuasion. In the queer community, femmes often get lost or subsumed or ignored because femininity connotes straightness, unlike more masculine or androgynous presentations of gender, which are typically read as queer. Being femme doesn't necessarily mean “lesbian.” Femmes are diverse, and can be gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, genderqueer, and so on, though, of course, not all feminine-appearing people identify as femme.

Femmepire Records is about busting myths and stereotypes and talk that says femmes are hiding behind straight privilege. It's about community and about being seen, not just for dating and sex purposes, but I'd be lying if I said that wasn't partially what prompted my rage frustration renewed interest in this topic. What it's not about, is pitting people against each other or making any kind of definitive statements about femme-ness. It's about bettering the dialogue and each other's understandings of gender, sex, and identity. It's about gaydar, how we survive, and how we find each other, which is still incredibly difficult, even in the big glitter meccas like San Francisco.

So without further ado, here's Kelly.

In a few words, define femme.

To me, femme is about fucking with femininity. Femme is taking the things that mainstream or dominant culture deems feminine and playing with them, being tongue-in-cheek feminine. Femme is about playing with the appearance, attitude, desire, and behavior that mainstream society ascribes to the genuine or ideal woman.

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